Re: Orsanno, Austria? #general

Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

Denise Azbill ( was looking for "Orsanno", Austria,
found on an 1890 Hamburg emigration record.

I checked the 1910 List of Austrian and Hungarian Post Offices without
success. There were many placenames vaguely similar but none so close as
to suggest an obvious spelling mistake.

This directory has been filmed by the LDS (film number 897093).
It lists P.O.s in Austria and Hungary, trains carrying postal cars,
and external post offices in Middle Eastern countries.
The boundaries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were unchanged between
1867 and 1914.
The empire included parts of (later) Poland, Czechoslovakia, Jugoslavia
and the South Tyrol province of Italy (among others :-)
Most of the Habsburg territories in Northern Italy had already become
Italian in the wars of the 1860s.

The directory includes a useful cross reference of second language names.
This appears to be language neutral in the sense that if the office used
a primary German name, the Hungarian or Polish etc would be the alternate,
while an office named in Hungarian would give the German name as secondary.

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada

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