Re: new genealogy website facility #general

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...>

Just to follow on to Harvey's posting. I was a JC reader in the UK, and
have checked out the web site most weeks to keep in touch. It now appears
that they have re-vamped the site, and admittedly there are some new
features, but the only way you can access ( among other goodies that were
previously unrestricted, like Evelyn Roses recipes) the genealogy section
is by joining their "gold club". And how does one join this illustrious
body??? By subscribing to the actual newspaper. I'm sure we can
understand why they are doing this, but some things should be accessible
as a public service, and the family finder should be. What a shame! I
shall be contacting the JC to voice my opinion.

Sheila Toffell

Check out this new website produced by the Jewish Chronicle in London:
and try the Family Ties section

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