Re: British genealogy website facility: how useful is it? #general

Stephen G. Esrati <stevsta@...>

I tried the site twice -- and crashed the computer.
The site allowed me to search but returned an error message saying that
what I was doing was not allowed. And then the computer crashed before I
could do anything else.

Stephen G. Esrati
Shaker Heights, OH wrote:
I tried, but.

1. This "Jewish Chronicle's family name search allowed me to make a
search on 3 family names, then stopped accepting more. In each case
I was told I would read the results in forthcoming issues of the Jewish

2. They have a Genealogy site, which requires registration (free). I
could not get into this because my suggested passwords (alphabet,
alphanumeric) were all rejected without reason.

Can any of our British genners offer advice on how this works and what we
must do to get in?

MODERATOR NOTE: Also try <> . If a helpful response
is received, it can be posted here for the benefit of our readers.
MODERATOR NOTE: For technical problems, see the above Moderator Note.
Also, for information on this site, Sheila Toffell wrote: "It now appears
that they have re-vamped the site, ... , but the only way you can access
the genealogy section is by joining their "gold club". And how does one
join this illustrious body??? By subscribing to the actual newspaper."
Any further discussion of this website should continue privately.

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