Re: Polish Legion of French Army & POW's #general

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

Maybe I am mistaking, but I never heard of a Polish Legion in French army.
Are you sure it was not Forein Legion? A lot of Jews were engaged in this
You can try and write to:
Legion Etrangere
Bureau des Anciens
Quartier Viennot BP 38
13998 Marseille Armée
But it is not sure you will have any document, First because I am not sure
they do anything by mail, Second because the delay for consulting these
documents is 120 years (150 years for medical documents).
In case they answer you it is impossible to give you any document because
of the delay, It is possible to ask for a derogation, write to:
General Chef du Service Historique de l'Armee de Terre
Pavillon des Armes
Vieux-Fort, Chateau de Vincennes
94300 Vincennes

If you want more informations concerning Military Archives in France,
write to:
[Mod. Note -- Name and address deleted per JewishGen privacy rules. Please
contact Anne Lifshitz-Krams for this information]

An other possibility that I suggest you to consider is that maybe he
engaged in the Resistant movement FTPMOI. Most of the people involved in
this movement were East European Jews.
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Cercle de Genealogie juive
Paris (France)

Elless <elless@...> a écrit dans le message :

A cousin of my mother's was in the Polish Legion of the French
army in WW II. He was captured and spent the war in a series
of POW camps, each more harsh since he was an escaper.
Are there any records of the Legion and of POW camps.
Lewis Stein

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