Re: Tools for looking at old documents #general


The microfilm or the document itself may have poor contrast due to age. By
viewing the image against different colored backgrounds one can often make
out details that are obscure when viewed only agains a white background.
I use blue, yellow and green. Sometime one color works better than others.
Maginfiers are usually not needed. The microfilm machine itself has
magnification, some have zoom lenses, some interchangeable lenses.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Jessica Tropp wrote:

On my last trip to the National Archives, I noticed several people using
clear colored plastic sheets, and others using colored papers on which to
view the microfilms.I didn't ask them at the time why they did that, so i
am hoping someone can share with me the advantages of doing that,and also
suggestions for other tools such as magnifiers that help in looking at
microfilmed documents. Thanks in advance.

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