Re: "Polish legion" in France, WWII #general

Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Dear Genners,

There were a couple of posts within the last week asking about a "Polish
Legion" in the French Army during WWII. Anne Lifshitz-Krams of the
Cercle de Genealogie Juive responded that to her kowledge there was no
such Legion, but suggested instead a membership in a resistance group.

Interestingly, in today's New York Times (1/9/01) there is an article on
the first page of the Arts section, which discusses a film made in
France in the 1980's which provoked quite a storm at that time. The
title is "French film bears witness to wartkime complicity". It can be
read online today on the Ny Times site: The film
entitles," Terrorists in retirement" is being shown in New York for 2
weeks beginning Wed., at the Film Forum in the South Village.

In brief, the film deals with survivors of a group of some 200 East
European Jews who had joined the French Resistance, including an armed
Communist group, mainly Jews, who carried out assassinations and
bombings of Nazi targets in Paris. This group was called the Immigrant
Workers (Main d'Oeuvre Immigree), which was in turn linked to the
Communist Party's Franc-Tireurs et Partisans, and known by the acronym
FTP-MOI. MAny were caught and executed, and others felt that they had
been betrayed by the French Communist party, and not smuggled to safety
as were their French counterparts.

Perhaps this was the group being asked about on this list? At any rate,
it is a fascinating and moving story, and one not well-known over here.

Rosanne Leeson
Los ALtos, CA USA

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