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I have a conundrum.
Setting is Spring 1872, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. The chain of events is

11 April Hannah Maria LANDA is born to an orthodox Jewish family.
16 April Hannah is registered (by her mother, Betsey)
18 May Betsey dies
18 May Betsey's death is registered (by her husband Charles) as LANDOY
cause Pneumonia Phthisis, certified.
18 May Betsey is buried? as LANDEY

Obviously 18 May was a busy day for everyone. It was a Saturday, which
makes it strange to say the least! As Charles LANDA was orthodox, what was
he doing registering his wife's death on a Saturday? I am not Jewish, so
the law is not my strong point but I assumed he shouldn't be doing that,
on a Saturday. The burial? date is possibly an error and is in fact the
death date.

Then this child, Hannah Maria, disappears. She had an older sister who had
married in the February, but she doesn't seem to have gone there. I can not
find her anywhere on the UK 1881 census. One has to assume a small
motherless baby died. So I have searched the death records index. The name
is causing me concern. Hannah Maria...firstly, Hannah had an elder sister
(Hinda Leah) who was known as Hannah (and then later as Annie). Secondly,
obviously Maria, is a little suspicious. A friend suggested maybe Maria was
a *typo* or extraction error. On this basis I checked every last variant
spelling I could think of for a child who died in Leeds in 1872. I came up
with only one possible Millie LANDER, age 0, September qtr 1872. This child
was buried (or died) 17 September 1872, with a given age of 9 months.

I'd like opinions on whether people think it's worth me ordering the death
certificate of Millie, bearing in mind her parents names won't be given,
but that the informant was most likely a family member (probably a
parent). I'd also like to know about the registration of the mother's
death. Would it be that it was more important to register the death on a
Saturday so that burial could take place within the 48 hours, than worry
about the Sabbath rule? Or is registering of deaths not considered *work*
so as long as he walked to the registrar's he had not broken any Sabbath
law? I suppose possibly he went after dark, but in May I doubt the
registrar was available after dark. I do not know their hours in those
days. These days they don't even open on Saturdays except by appointment!

Any ideas?
Best Wishes,
Sherry Landa (in Salford, Lancs)

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