Re: ROSENBLOOM in Winona, Minnesota #general

Judith Deutsch Bennett <benne034@...>

My grandfather Max Rosenbloom and family moved >from NYC to Wynona, MN,
for a short time between 1905-1915 ..SNIP Does anyone have
information about such a family in Wynona?
Gary Ross

Why don't you do a search in the 1910 census for Winona, Minnesota? It is
a small town and with a bit of time you will probably find them. The 1910
census is not soundexed so you will have to search each district, but the
population was probably quite small so it is do-able. I suspect the
Jewish population was tiny.

Also, there may have been a synagogue in LaCrosse Wisconsin, which is
about 20 minutes away. You could try contacting them.

Judy Bennett
Minneapolis, Mn benne034@...

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