Invitation to VM273 #general


Dear Genners,

Some of the people that can be viewed at VM 273 have very
dominant genes. Their facial traits pass on >from generation to
generation. One of them is our grandmother. The others may be her
own kin or her in-laws. Please see if you can identify any of

The photo must have been taken some time between 1930-1937, most
probably in Polish Galicia.

Thank you in advance!

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel

Searching: PRESSER & ZIMMERMAN - Galicia, Ukraine
SPALTER & GRUNHUT - Galicia, Poland
GUTMAN - Opatow, Poland
KANAREK - Sandomierz, Poland
GULIAK/RAVITZKY - Dubossary, Moldova

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