Polish or Yiddish variants of the name Willie #general


All the Willies (Williams) I know were originally "Wolf" (Ze'ev
in Hebrew)

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel

Searching: PRESSER & ZIMMERMAN - Galicia, Ukraine
SPALTER & GRUNHUT - Galicia, Poland
GUTMAN - Opatow, Poland
KANAREK - Sandomierz, Poland
GULIAK & RAVITZKY - Dubossary, Moldova

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A cousin of my late father was known by the name of Willie KYJAWSKI.
Because my paternal grandfather came >from Lodz, Poland II've always
assumed that Willie also came >from Lodz, however, I may be wrong. To
me, "Willie" sounds more German than Polish. (Certainly not Yiddish!)
It's possible, of course, that a branch of the Kyjawski family lived in
Germany, but this is mere conjecture.)

So far I've been unable to trace Willie or any of his descendants.My late
uncle in England once wrote that Willie and his wife Regina (another
German- or English-sounding name) visited my family (their English
relatives) prior to the 2nd world war. They were either en route for the
U.S. or Canada.

Could the name Willie be a variant (English or German) of "Zelik?"
JRI-Poland's online database for the Lodz Province shows several entries
for a Zelik KUJAWSKI (variant KUIAWSKI).I realize of course(before anyone
hastens to chastise me!) that immigrants were free to adopt any name they
wished after arriving in a host country; that their name choice coul be
completely arbitrary and bear no resemblance to their name at birth. (My
grandfather is a case in point.)

Any advice or suggestions will be welcome.Please respond privately unless
you think your comments might be of general interest.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, Ca

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