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Miriam Margolyes <75342.3217@...>

Dear Genners

Can someone answer this question please.

In the www.ancestry.com Canadian Immigration database, it shows me that my
relative Joshua SAPPERA (later SHAPIRO) came to Montreal
(where the family still flourishes) in 1889. They display the following
it's >from the 1901 Census, Joshua is 64 years old.

National Archives of Canada:
Microfilm Reel No. T-6535, District 177 City,Montreal
Sub-District A8 - St. Lawrence Ward,page 4

There is an offer >from a firm called "ingeneas" to purchase a more detailed
electronic transcript this entry: would that be more useful that the
information already posted?

Is there any advantage in trying to view the original Census entry-will
that yield me more information?

I believe those microfilms can be accessed through inter-library loans.

If this is of general interest, replies to the Digest-otherwise to me

Many thanks-Miriam MARGOLYES
Santa Monica, US
email: 75342.3217@compuserve.com

searching: GOLDSTEIN (Bialystock, 19 C) STUPEL (Grodno)
TURIANSKY (Bialystock 19C)

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