Seeking Allen/Alan SMITH, Brooklyn #general


Dear group,

This is a shot in the dark. I am seeking a cousin and possibly through him,
a branch of my father's family. Allen/Alan SMITH was married and living in
Brooklyn in the early 1960s. If he is alive today, he would be in his late
60s or early 70s. His father was Sam SMITH and his mother was Esther LAND
SMITH, both originally >from New Haven, CT but deceased in the New York
City area. Allen/Alan had a married sister Eleanor in Philadelphia. I have
searched the FTJP and JGFF without result, and the latest option,, turned up a nonlead in New Zealand no less (one of the
of being a Smith). Does any of this ring a bell, and any suggestions for
next steps for finding this needle in this particular haystack?

Please reply privately.

Theodore Smith
Reston, VA

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