Re: Canadian Immig records #general

DrsJavinskyLittle <SusanLittleDVM@...>

Dear Miriam:

The 1901 census for Canada has much valuable genealogical information, such
as names and birthdates for all family members, birthplaces and also
sometimes year of immigration as well as occupation, etc.

I occasionally go to the National Archives here in Ottawa and I'd be happy
to look up this record for you. It might be a while before I go again (the
weather is not nice here !), so if you are still interested in getting the
information in a month or so, get back in touch with me.

Susan Javinsky
Ottawa, Canada
Researching: DZIEWIECKI, PALESNICKI (Dzialoszyce, Poland)

WEINSHENKER (Warszawa, Poland), HUSNEY (Aleppo, Syria)

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