JGS-MI Meeting - January 21st #general

Marc D. Manson <mdmcousa@...>

The JGS of Michigan will be having a library / research meeting on Sunday,
January 21st >from 12:30pm to 3:00pm at its library at Temple Beth El.

Jim Grey will be speaking on how to plan a family reunion. We have many
new additions to our library collection and all are invited to attend.

Temple Beth El is located at the northwest corner of Telegraph and
14 Mile Road.
Marc D. Manson

MAN'SKIJ>MANSKY>MANSON (Volkovysk; Slonim, Belarus)
WAGNER (Austria; Ft.Wayne, IN; Toledo, OH)
MAC>MATZ (Skaryszew;Radom; Poland) POMERANTZ (Brest-Litovsk - Belarus)
TURUFF--TUREFF (Russia; New York) BROCK (New York)

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