Re: Klarsfeld's Book on Jewish Deportees From Belgium #general

JLH <jlhelbro@...>

Jerry Dressner < idajer@... > wrote:

Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of the book, "Memorial de
la Deportation des Juifs de Belgique"? It was compiled by Serge
Klarsfeld and Maxime Steinberg. I don't know the publisher or the date
of publication.
I assume that the best way of having this book, would be to get in touch
with "Les Fils et Filles de Déportés Juifs de France", President : Maitre
Serge Klarsfeld. Although I am not sure it is still available.
Jean-Louis Helbronner, Paris

MODERATOR NOTE: For details on how to contact Maitre Serge Klarsfeld
please contact M. Helbronner

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