GenAmi Forum and review #general

Micheline GUTMANN <MichelineGUTMANN@...>

GenAmi, association of Jewish International Genealogy in France, has now
opened a forum for its members. For now, it is considered as a complement
to our review. It has already begun with some success which will be more
and more frequent when all the members will subscribe. In the future, it
is possible imagine the extension of the access to other people. We have
to study later this possibility.

We insist on the international side of our association : we are able to
read messages not only in French but in English, German, Spanish, Italian.
Since now our review included articles concerning Belgium, Luxembourg,
Germany, Vienna, Sweden, Poland, London, Italy, Courland, Jamaica soon.
Many articles mention Jewishgen and the different SIG. Some articles are
written in English.

Of course, the traditional French genealogy is included : we have quite
all the documents ever printed for Alsace, a lot for Lorraine, all the
documents about Jews of Vaucluse (Provence) and also Paris, and we can
answer to most of the questions. Our review is opened to everypeople who
wishes to write an article about his speciality or his country.

For research in France; especially in Paris for 20th century, members may
be helped by professional genealogists if they wish, whose work we can
guide and follow.

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France

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