oldest Jewish cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina. #general


has all the information that you need about cemeteries in Charleston, SC
for your friend to find graves for you.

The oldest is the colonial cemetery at 189 Coming Street, dating
from 1749 or 1762. Beth Elohim (Reformed) Congregation at 86 Hasell St.,
Charleston, SC 29401 has the keys to the cemetery and schedules visits by
appointment. Source: Warren Kohn.
Ellen Sadove Renck - NY

Dorothy Schaefer writes:

<< I've lost some important information and would greatly appreciate it if
a kind Genner could help me. I need the name of the oldest Jewish
cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina.
A friend will be in the area and will photograph some headstones for me.
Thank you,
Dorothy Schaefer
]Dschaefer3@... >>

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