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Len Markowitz rightly points out that there are _two_ Ruth GRUBERs...

--- Ruth E. GRUBER, author --- <<< with middle initial "E"

" Upon The Doorposts Of Thy House": Jewish Life in East-Central Europe,
Yesterday and Today, a book of essays and more than 50 photographs
published by John Wiley & Sons, NY, in September 1994.

" Jewish Heritage Travel": A Guide To East-Central Europe, a cultural and
historical travel guide to Jewish heritage in Poland, The Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, former Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria, illustrated
with my photographs, published in 1992 by John Wiley & Sons, New York;
updated editions 1994 (Wiley) and 1999 (Jason Aronson).


--- Ruth GRUBER ---

CBS-TV will begin a big February mini-series, "Haven," which tells the
moving true story of Ruth Gruber, a young Jewish U.S. government official
who, in 1944, helped escort almost 1,000 Holocaust survivors >from war-torn
Europe to a temporary haven in America. "Haven" airs Feb. 11 (part 1) and
Feb. 14 (part 2), >from 9:00-11:00 PM (ET/PT) on the CBS Television
The mini-series is based on the book "Haven: The Dramatic Story of 1,000
World War II Refugees and How They Came to America," by Ruth Gruber.
Bernard I. Kouchel

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