Re: Passenger Listing #general

Herb <herbiem@...>

"Errors" not only appear on Passenger lists but also on death
certificates , social security applications and census records. Some
times the discrepancy is due to a misunderstanding of the person making
the entry but some are intentionally done by the person whose record is
involved. For various reasons some lie about age, alter spelling of
names >from time and simplify a response to to avoid a complex or
embarrassing explanation.

Herb Meyers
Boulder, Colorado

Diane Jacobs wrote in message

I hate to throw a damper on this connection, but naturalization
records are notorious for having incorrect information. I was doing
a search for someone for April 7, 1903 and three ships they said
their family came on at that time. I finally gave up looking for the
ships and went to the soundex indexes. I finally found the person
and lo and behold the April 7 was rightbut the year was l904.

There is no guarantee if any or part of the information you have
on the naturalization papers are incorrect.

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