Re: Lodz 1945 Survivors - David SZAJNZYCHT #general

Seflaum <seflaum@...>

To David Lewin and all Lodz Area Researchers,

While I don't have the answer to your main question about SZAJNZYCHT, a
research group and mailing list does exist specifically for Lodz area
researchers. Everyone is welcome to join. Access the Lodz Area Research
Group (LARG) home page at:

Best regards,
Shirley Flaum
Lodz Area Research Group Co-coordinator

David Szajnzycht died in Miami in 1997. He had no children. I have found
no Probate information. I am trying to obtain birth records >from Poland,
but do not know whether the Polish Archives will be helpful.

I have found Szajnzycht matches in the Lodz Ghetto Register at the
Washington Holocaust Memorial , which has four people with this last name.

So, somewhere in this world there may be people who are related to "my"
David Szajnzycht.

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