Mount of Olives & a Jerusalem connection #belarus

judy davis <judy1213@...>

I want to take this opportunity to publically thank
yoni ben-ari <>, He
contacted the General Chevra Kaddisha (burial Society)
in Jerusalem regarding my ggft. Yitzchak Chaim EPSTEIN
son of Eliezer >from the town of Sochivala who was
buried on Har Hazeitim (mount of Olives) in
the hebrew year 5676 (1917-18).

When we were in Jerusalem this December I was able to
arrange with the burial society to see the plot. Their
phone # is:02-5384144. You can call them >from the
states (011-972-2-538-4144) but the contact person is
not always there, so you may be told to call back,
several times.

The fellow who seems to be in charge speaks some
English, but it was helpful having my hebrew speaking
son make the arrangements to meet him and a security
guard at the parking lot just below the western wall.

There was no marker at the grave, due to official
vandelism when Jordan was in control, but thanks to
the computer data base the man >from the Chevra
Kaddisha found the site.

I find it amazing that they have records of 18 million
burials on the Mount of Olives.

There was no charge for help in finding the grave, but
we did make a contribution.

I just got information on other relatives who were
long time residents of Jerusalem.
If you have any ideas about how to find out more about
them and connections please let me know.

Their Israeli last name was MeTar, changed from
Miterstein. They were both opthamologists. They came
to Israel in about 1920 and died about 1980. They
lived on the top floor of a building on Ha Naviem
(street of the Prophets) a little way >from the
Mandelbaum gate. I don't think that they had any

Thanks for any help,

Judy Lieberman Davis-Rosenthal
Kalamazoo, MI

Researching: EPSTEIN ( Sochivala, Volkovysk, Grodno;
Moises Ville, Argentina;NY, NY), MEDNICK aka ABRAMOWITZ (Vilnius,
Lithuania; Brooklyn, NY), LIEBERMAN (Medzhibozh, Ukraine, NY, NY), NEWMAN
(Medzhibozh, Ukraine;NY, NY), ROSENTHAL (Lomza, Poland; Montreal,Canada), LANER, DAVIS (Brookline, MA), ROSENBLATT (Savok, Russia; Lynn, MA)

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