Re: No Russian Language Skills Needed #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

As you saw in yesterday's digest, Judy Floam has volunteered to make
copies of the Belarus related articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia.
Laura Kisber Benjaminson has volunteered to type them into MS Word
documents which our SIG webmaster can easily put on the SIG website. It
sure is great to see how well the discussion group worked and how fast
we have solved how to get the work done. Thanks to the others who
contacted me via private mail to offer assistance or suggestions. OCR
scanning was not suggested by me because the OCR software I tried had
great difficulty recognizing the old type fonts and type sizes used in
the 1904 time period. Some of the italicized print was so small the the
software could not recognize the characters. Sorry I didn't mention
this in by first message.


David Fox
Belarus SIG Coordinator
Arnold, MD

the "The Jewish Encyclopedia", first published in 1904 by Funk and
Wagnalls Company. This encyclopedia is written in English and there are
a number of articles in it that would be of interest to Belarus

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