Need input on Surname and First Name #general

Beverly R. Potter <brpotter@...>

I am researching my father's family whose name was PADERESKY.

I have received my grandfather's naturalization papers which gave me the
name/date of the ship.
from that, I have found my ggm and 4 children on the passenger list. This
confirms what I was told that my grandfather had a sister and two brothers.

I would appreciate any commentary/input on the following:

1. The surname on the passenger list appears to be written as SANARASKY. I
have scoured the rest of the list looking at the writing of other names to
determine if that first letter is an S or a P, and it appears to be S. I
realize that the writing of the list was dependent on the speaker of the
name and the hearing of the writer.

Is it possible that a Yiddish-speaking person would say PADERESKY and it
would be heard as SANARASKY? Is this a reasonable corruption? Also, as I
transition back to Russia/Poland, which do I assume is closest to the true
name? Or do I search for both? I am reasonably sure that I have the right

2. One of the children(male) was listed as Wistmo or Wislmo or Wishmo. Can
anyone offer any meaning or similar names? I've never heard of a name like

Bev Potter(Paderesky)
Boulder, Colorado

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