Re: ordering records from Polish Archives #general


The following records for Bolekhov and Stryy are maintained at the AGAD
Archives in Warsaw and are part of the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
project to index all vital records held by AGAD. There are no records for
Dolina at AGAD.

Births 1877-1898
Deaths 1891-1898

Births 1870-1872, 1875-1899
Marriages: 1877-1883, 1885-1899
Deaths: 1869-1899

The JRI-Poland project has just started with indexing of Tarnopol and 12
nearby towns. At a later date, JRI-Poland will open up the other 69 towns
for indexing. This is a large project but it will be beneficial to all
researchers with ancestors >from East Galicia. I would ask all researchers
to be patient. When these record indices are available, ***You**, not an
uninterested archivist, will be able to search for potential connections
from home. Please refer to the JRI-Poland AGAD Web page at
<> for more information about the

Certain vital records for Bolekhov and Stryy that are 100 years old or less
are maintained at the USC-Warsawa Srodmiescie and are not part of the
JRI-Poland AGAD project. Please refer to Warren Blatt's JewishGen Infofile
"Vital Records in Poland" at
<> for more information.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Tarnopol Area Coordinator

I want to write to obtain records for Bolekhov, Dolina, and Stryj
(shtetlach near Lviv) for births, marriages, and deaths occurring
between 1890 and 1942. It's my understanding that such records would
be in the Polish Archives (I have already exhausted the local
Ukrainian archives that had records up until the 1890s). I have
composed a letter in Polish requesting copies of these records (if
found), and have provided names, dates, and locations as accurately
as possible, complete with possible alternate spellings, etc. etc. I
am quite willing to pay whatever fees are charged--it's my
understanding that it comes to $30 per record, basically.

My question is: to which address, precisely, ought such a request go,
and (more importantly) what precisely are the logistics. Do I need to
send this letter to the AGAD at or to a regional archival center? Do
I need to send a deposit of $30 (as one FAQ response would have it),
or do I just wait for them to bill me (as another source seems to
suggest? In what form ought money to be sent? Do I need to send
return postage with my original request? I have nowhere been able to
locate clear, definitive answers to these questions and would very
much appreciate hearing >from someone so that I can send this letter
off in a manner that won't result in failure!

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