Re: Searching for survivor/descendants of SCHORR MISCHEL from Galizia #galicia

lilian schorr <lilianschorr@...>

Dear Genners,
I need your help, I have posted 4 photos of my father's family, all born
early 1900 in Galicia (Stanislawow, Stryy).
Please look at
"To View" section, files VM346/347/348/349.
These photos were taken in 1930. If you know something, or believe you can
help me please reply privately to:
The photo of my aunt SELMA SCHORR was taken in Wien in 1938 (VM 346), the
other were taken in 1930.
I will appreciate whatever information you can give.
You can also view directly and go through
the whole page.

Lilian Schorr Landes

Searching for: SCHORR, MISCHEL, >from Stanislawow, Stryy, Lemberg, Lwow,
LANDES, BASS, ZEMBER, MEHLER >from Podkamien, Brody,Tarnopol, Lemberg, Lwow,

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