Double name Shimkha Gedalia #general


I recently identified several brothers of my great-grandfather Moses PLOTZ
under the name PLOST in the 1858 revision list of Zelva (Pazelva), Kovno
Guberniya, Lithuania, in the All-Lithuania Database. The head of the
family was the second brother, Shimkha Gedalia, although the eldest brother
Itzik appears in the list as well.

I have never seen this double name, Shimkha Gedalia, before. In fact, I'm
not even sure whether "Shimkha" is a form of Shimon, Simkha, or something
else. But it occurs to me that anyone with this unusual double name is
likely to be a relative. If anyone in your family bears the name Shimkha
Gedalia, please get in touch so we can try to identify a connection.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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