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Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

Please be aware that Bet Hatefutsoth does not rely
entirely on an article in any one reference book.
People add things all the time to the description of
various communities. I myself have updated the Iran
entries with the proper person at BH with more
information (which had stopped in 1950 until I added
more). So, in this case, the basis for the Gomel
article was obviously the JE article, but the person
who actually wrote the BH article had access to and
included more information than was in the JE article.
So, the 75-year rule will hold as I understand it, if
one uses the original JE article. Not if another source
is used. However, it may be possible to get permission
from BH to use their article.
One should also be aware that the BH photo division has
a very interesting collection. I am in contact with
Mike Meshenberg (Belarus SIG) about getting permission
from the division for including Belarus photographs.
My personal opinion is that the original JE articles
are better. One can always update with a separate
addendum. This is the joy of the JE - written so early
about a specific place, not superimposed on with later
I have the original articles for Mogilev, etc. but they
are back in the states. If anyone would like to send it
to me, plus anywhere else in Belarus, I would be
pleased to type it out. Bobruisk, Vitebsk, Baranovich,
Orsha, etc. etc. but particularly my MOgilev!
Best regards,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

--------------------------- wrote:

Yesterday I indicated that I have the article on Gomel >from the Jewish
Encyclopedia. Today I discovered that there may be an easier way to make
these articles available to everyone. I also have an on Gomel >from Bet
Hatfutsot (The Diaspora Museum) in Tel Aviv. The two articles are word
for word identical except for a short phrase in the Bet Hatfutsot article
about something that occurred in 1923. Since the Bet Hatfutsot articles
are already computerized, it seems like the effort can be avoided.

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