VISSOTSKY family in Pinsk #belarus

Micheline GUTMANN <MichelineGUTMANN@...>

Dear all,

I recently subscribed to Belarus SIG. I did not before because
I always miss time for my own genealogy.

It is my first message to this forum.

I sent to Elsebeth the history of one part of my ancestor in Pinsk,
the VISSOTSKY family, and photos. I give here a very short abstract
a more complete one will probably arrive soon on Belarus website.
I also add the list of all the VISSOTSKYs of Pinsk I could get
from Censuses.
My great-grand father, Mosche VISSOTSKY was a carpenter in Pinsk
he married tree times. first my ggrandmother Dobruschka BREGMAN,
she died after 5 children. The second wife was her sister Lea
who was the widow of Moses JASELMAN. They had one son Shimon who
went to USA.

The first wife was probably a VISSOTSKY.
Mosche died in 1917 .

When I have more time, I'll write what all what I know of the BREGMAN

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris, France

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