Camp Sidney (Sydney?) Cohen #general

Rochelle Nameroff

Any alumni out there >from Camp Sidney Cohen, a Red Feather (I think) camp on
Lake Nemahbin, near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin? I used to go there every summer
when I was a kid; my big brother Larry went there years before I did. I
remember singing "By the shores of Lake Nehmabin/ [something] in the
breeze,/ Flies the flag of Sidney Cohen/ High above the trees." Something
like that. I might have the second and fourth misremembered lines switched.
I always thought it was weird that we saw ourselves as Indian tribes, and
who in the world was Sidney Cohen? Certainly not one of the many Wisconsin
Indian tribes or chieftains. But I remember loving that place, and learning
how to swim, going >from being a Minnow to Perch to Pickeral (sp?) to Shark
and maybe even to Whale--more Jewish indian tribal customs.

Rochelle Nameroff
Albany CA (SF Bay Area)

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