Success and failure #general

Stephen G. Esrati <steve@...>

The thread about Lauritz Melchior (which I did not initiate) brought
success. I found a cousin in Israel, one I did not even know existed.
That's the success story.
But then came the failure. He sent me a gedcom file about our family
and I was unable to open it. He said the same thing had also happened
with a new cousin in South America.
He uses Ilanot, a Jewish genealogy program. Apparently he has been
able to post his gedcom on the Family Tree of the Jewish People. But
I am totally stymied. How do I convert an Ilanot gedcom file into a
form recognizable by my Reunion 7 program?

Researching SKULSKY (MORRIS) of York and Leeds; WILDER of Horton and
Leeds; DEVENISHKY (DEVONS); COHEN of Wolverhampton, York, Leeds;
EDELSTEIN (Elston, Edelston). Also, MEIER or MEYER (Schoenlanke, Berlin;
HIRSCH (Berlin Dortmund); GOTTSCHALK (Orsoy).
Stephen G. Esrati
Shaker Heights, OH

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