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Alexander Sharon and Naomi Fatouros have already identified your town as
Skalat, which was in the Galician province of the Austrian Empire prior to
WWI. My father was >from the area and always told me he was born in Austria.

Israel Pickholtz is the "Town Leader" for Skalat and the web page for
Skalat is at

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has embarked on a project to index all
the vital records housed at the AGAD Archives in Warsaw for 82 towns in
the Eastern part of Galicia, including Skalat. Skalat is one of first
thirteen towns to have their records indexed. This project will be a great
resource to all Skalat researchers. You will be able to search the
Archives >from your home and order the actual records >from the AGAD
Archives. The Archives houses Skalat birth, marriage, and death records
covering a period of 1859-1899. For more information on this project,
please see the webpage at <>.
Researchers should also know that the Skalat vital records include those
for smaller towns and villages near Skalat.

For news on this project, keep tuned to this forum. If you are interested
in helping with the project, please contact me.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Tarnopol Area Coordinator

From: "Pamela Weisberger" <>
I just received the 1919 NYC marriage certificate of my grandparents in
which my grandfather, Samuel Greenhaut, lists his town/country of birth
as: "Shalat, Austria."

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