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Belarus SIGers:

Here's an interesting question on the copyright problem:

Would there be a copyright infringement involved if the individuals
who volunteer to "transcribe" actually write a report on the subject
town, and cite the source (Jewish Encyclopedia) in a bibliography?
As long as no quoting of the actual article is done, I think it might
not be infringement. Just like in high school, the article copy is,
then, for your personal use in writing your report on your shtetl.
This would be more work than simply typing the original, word for word,
but seems more legal. It also leaves the writer the opportunity to
incorporate other information >from other sources ("Where Once We
Walked", etc.), as long as those sources are also cited in a

Just a there an educated, legal opinion out there as to
whether we could do this? BTW, I have no specific genealogical interest
in Belarus at this time, I subscribe on the possibility that those whose
birthplace is currently unknown may have been >from Belarus! :)


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