Research questions #belarus

Elsebeth Paikin

Dear fellow researchers,

Please do not send any individual e-mails to me - neither
as moderator, nor as editor - asking for help with research

I simply do not have the time to respond to all the many e-mails
of that kind that come my way. Till now, I have tried to reply,
but at present I have some 50 e-mails of that kind waiting in line.
Furthermore, I have a lot of other e-mails that I still have to
answer (friends, relatives etc.). And I have not had time for my
own research the past 1=BD years.

However impolite, I will in the future refrain >from replying to
individual e-mails requesting help or commenting on the website,
the newsletter or the moderation - comments or complaints about
moderation should be sent to: support@...


All volunteers working for JewishGen try to make as much helpful
information available to all at the JewishGen website, therefore:

If you want help there is incredibly much to find just a click
away on the JewishGen website where
there has been accumulated an incredible amount of information
freely accessible for all who needs it:

1. Search the mailing list archives:
a. search primarily the Belarus SIG
b. but it is advisable to try the others as well
(because of the changing borders over time!)

2. Search the JewishGen ShtetLinks for information on a

or the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker

3. Search the JewishGen Infofiles:

4. Search the JewishGen FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

5. If you are new to Jewish genealogy you might find the
JewishGen College and Mentor Program useful:

6. Search the entire JewishGen website
(you can search on any specific word!)

7. Try all the various links for Jewish Genealogy on:

If all else fails:

8. Send a request for help to the Belarus SIG mailing list.
"Belarus SIG" <belarus@...>


- all this is placed on the JewishGen website
to help YOU free of charge

-- BUT JewishGen cannot accomplish anything if without
funds -- Every month it costs US$ 17,000 at the
current level of services. You can find the accounts
and budgets etc on the JewishGen website, and the
explanation of the costs at:

--- and then you can compare the financial contributions
to various figures on the JewishGen FactSheet:

A few figures just as examples (per 30. September 2000):
JewishGen Family Finder
(Nos of submitters): 39,463
(Nos of searches): 3,069,304
Family Tree of the Jewish People
(Nos of searches) 332,891
(Nos of e-mail contacts) 13,974
Database-visits **PER MONTH** 411.000
Website activity **HITS PER MONTH** 3,005,687
JewishGen Discussion Group
Subscribers 3,393
Special Interest Group Mailing Lists
Subscribers (35 different lists) 12,700
(Belarus alone per today: 1,255

Out of all these only 2,151(!!!)
contributed financially
to the upkeep of JewishGen!



- so please consider making a contribution to JewishGen -


Best wishes to all for a happy 2001
- thank you for your support and understanding

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Editor of Belarus SIG Online Newsletter

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