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haflo <haflo@...>

I wanted to share my excitement with fellow JewishGenners. Thanks, David,
whoever you are!! Although I've learned so much >from my involvement in
JewishGen over the years, this is the first time a clue has actually led me
closer to direct information bearing on my family research. I used the map
site referred to below, & after playing around with different views of
Cherkassy, the city in which my GGrandfather died, I was stunned to find
the town where I'd been told he was "from". I could never pinpoint
Zavadovka before (partly because I was unsure of the spelling &
pronunciation). It doesn't appear close to Cherkassy on any of the maps I
have. I think there may even be several small towns by that name, & I was
beginning to believe it was a false lead. By scanning various views of the
map, I discovered that the birth place of my grandfather & his brothers
(Korsun-Shevchenkovsky) was very nearby, as is Gorodische, the town in
which their births were registered. It makes me wonder if they were born in
their mother's village, since women often went home to give birth. I still
have no definite information about her, except a first name.

Now if I could only get the documentation out of the Ukraine!!

Thank you David & Al, & Thank You JewishGen. My donation will be on its way

Florence Elman

I just found a really great map site on the internet at

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