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<< My great-grandfather was a Bialystoker. Several years ago I called
some Bialystoker group (old age home maybe?) on the lower east side.
No luck, no records, too long ago. Does anyone know of the Bialystoker
shuls on the lower east side at that tme (he lived on Cherry St.).
Maybe a shul buried him instead?

The Bialistoker Synagogue, 7 Willett Street may have some records. I have
located memorial plaques in the main sanctuary with some of my Bialystoker
relatives' dates of death. You might take a look at the memorials next
time you're in the Big Apple.

The Bialystoker Center and Home for the Aged, 228 East Broadway, NY, NY
10002 has published at least two memorial books ("Bialystoker Bilder Album
..." 1951 and "The Bialystoker Memorial Book" 1982), the later one
perhaps still available. They are wonderfully illustrated histories of
Jewish Bialystok in Yiddish and English.

Happy hunting.

Bob Weiss in Northridge, CA

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