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Dear Genners,

Herb Sollinger wrote:
Sprintze is, in fact, derived >from the Spanish name "Esperanza",
which means hope.
Whether or not it is directly fom the Sephardic is a matter of
conjecture. The Spanish expulsion of the Jews occurred in 1492.
They became a Diaspora all over the Mediterranean area and did
blend with Askenazi Jews in areas, so Esperanza might change
into Sprintze over time, and then into Hope, in English speaking
Allowe me please to send a few notes to the letter above. It is not a
discussion that the name Esperanza a Spanish name is and it mean hope.
But the origin of this name is the Latin name Speranza and the root is
Sperare what also mean Hope (it can also come perhaps >from the Latin word
Sperata what mean a Bride or a loved one ). Most of us think that the
name Sprintze is derived >from the Spanish name Esperanza, but I don't
thing so, the name is derived >from the Latin or >from the France. On a
tomb in the Jewish cemetry in Frankfurt am Main in Germany it is a women
name Shpriniz >from the year 1354 (138 year before the expulsion of the
Jews >from Spain).

There is no proof that the Jews women in Spain before the expulsion used
the name Esperanza. In his monumental work of Jean Regne: "History of
the Jews in Aragon, Regesta and Documents 1213 - 1327" (Jerusalem, 1978),
he lists 3456 documents >from the archives in Aragon with thousands of
Jewish names, but not one name of a women is the name Esperanza.
In other books on the same period that I have in my home and also in
a data base that I have, I don't find the name Esperanza as a Jewish
Spanish name before the expulsion. Paul Levy in his book "Les nomes des
Israelites en France" (Paris 1960) he also mention that the name Sprinze
was in use in Germany in the 13th century (he finds it 4 times). In my
humble opinion I think that this name came >from Germany and after this
to Eastern Europe not >from Spain but >from Italy or perhaps >from South
of France through the Latin language. Also in France the Jews didn't
use this name in the period before 1500 according my knowledge today.
The name in Latin is Speranza and in France Esperance. Another
question was >from one of the members if a Ashkenazi user of the name
Sprintze is a >from a Sepharadic origin. I think that I give the answer
in my letter above. In my opinion is the bearer of this name a Ashkenazi

Best regards
Ury Link

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