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Adelle Gloger

On Jan, 30,2001 Howie Zakai posted the message copied below.

At first I though my answer was very simple if one is old enough to
remember 'Postal Zones' prior to ZIP Codes. In the "olden days" the Post
Office used 2-digit #s to identify towns, neighborhoods, etc.

I checked out the California Index online and the 2-digit#s don't appear
to be 'postal zones' because of the dates.

My suggestion is not to worry about the 2-digit #, just write to Los
Angeles County with the names and dates. They ought to be able to find
the documents for you.

I've decided to write to the LA Cty Registrar/Recorder to obtain the
death certificates for my relatives. >from there I can get the cemetery
in which they are buried. The problem is I don't know what town within LA
Cty to put down on the application.

My grandfather had a brother Alex who was living in Gardena as of 1945 or
so. I don't know if he moved. He died in 1955. The California Death
Records online has his death in "Los Angeles (19)."

His uncle Nat was living in Hollywood as of 1945. He died in 1960 and the
records online have his deathplace in "Los Angeles (70)."

Would anyone happen to know the significance of these 2 digits?? Do they
stand for towns within LA Cty? Are they the last 2 digits of the relevant
zip code? I didn't know if these #'s were sufficient to put down for when
they conduct the search, so I figured I could try.
Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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