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Juergen Stockburger <Stockburger@...>

"Gary" == Gary Luke <> writes:
> Would anyone know where Schoking or Schothing in Prussia is? The
> two spellings are because it was difficult to decipher the
> scribbled handwriting. Any suggestions on what it may have been?
> The reference dates >from about the 1830s.

> Possibilities - (1) Scho"ckingen, a tiny town just NW of
> Stuttgart.

Highly unlikely. Prussia never extended that far south.

> (2) Schotten in Hessen.

Possible, but I don't know if/when Schotten became Prussian. Maybe
their municipal archives can help:

Stadtarchiv Schotten
Postfach 1162
63675 Schotten

Phone: +49-6044-66-0
Fax: +49-6044-66-69
Internet: n/a

Headed by: Ms. Henny Hysky-Dambmann, museum director

Street address:
Vogelsbergstr. 184
63679 Schotten
visits by appointment

> (3) Schokken - town listed in an Avotaynu article.

> Any comments about whether these were in Prussia?
> Gary

I hope this helps.

Juergen Stockburger, Freiburg, Germany

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