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Meshenberg, Michael J. <mjmeshenberg@...>

To those who have volunteered -- or are interested in volunteering -- to
type articles >from the Jewish Encyclopedia for use in the Shtetls of Belarus
web pages:

Having already offered to copy and mail articles, Judy Floam has now agreed
to maintain records of who is doing what to avoid duplication. We're
confident that the copyright has long since expired. So, let's follow these

1. Contact Judy at <> to volunteer to type either specific
shtetls or others that might be assigned. Include your postal address.
(She's already been in touch with many of you.)
2. Judy will check to see if there is an article for your shtetl. Most
smaller ones are not included.
3. She'll copy and mail the article(s) to you and let you know by e-mail
which article(s) you should type up.
4. Type the text of the article into an MS Word file, and send it by e-mail
to Edward Rosenbaum <>, with a copy to Judy so she can
cross it off her list. If you don't have access to Word, use any word
processing file and save as an MSWord file or, if necessary, as a generic
text (ASCII) file.
5. Edward will review the text and upload it to the appropriate shtetl page.
Periodic announcements will be made of new articles posted.

Happily, there seem to be a number of volunteers who offered to type any
shtetl. So even if you can't volunteer yourself, please let Judy know what
shtetls you'd like to have typed and she'll assign it to someone.

Thanks to Judy and to all who have volunteered.

Mike Meshenberg
Belarus SIG Research Coordinator

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