What is the purpose of the subject line? #general

Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

Extract >from JewishGen Guidelines in response to the discussion on that

4.1 What is the purpose of the subject line?

This should be a specific short phrase capturing the essence of your
message. Many readers have less time to read messages than they would
like, and will decide whether or not to look at your message based upon
its Subject line. The more accurate and informative the Subject line is,
the greater the chances of this message being read.

Generalities such as

* "Genealogy question"
* "Help needed"
* "Names"
* "Researching family"
* "Vienna"
* "Greenberg anyone?"
* "My grandmother"

are absolutely useless, and may result in your message being rejected.
Moderators do not have the time to write proper subject lines for your
messages, nor should they be expected to do so.

Some e-mail programs truncate subject lines to no more than 25
characters, so keep the subject line brief.

Bernard I. Kouchel

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