"vel"??? #general

Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

I'm not totally lame brained, but I always think of this question when I
can't write it down and then I forget to post it to the group. Of late,
I've found several relatives with the word "vel" as part of their names
(given names AND surnames), and I don't know what it actually means.

If one's given name is "Mordko vel Max" - what does that mean? Is his
name Mordko or is it Max?

If the surname is "Friemann vel Naum" - is his surname Friemann or is it

Does the surnames change its construction when Mr. Friemann vel Naum has
a child? What surname would the child take >from the father?

My relatives with the "vel" as part of their names come >from Galicia in
the last quarter of the 19th century - if that makes any difference.

I'm sorry if this is rather rudimentary for some of you, but it's just
become an issue of some import to me, and I really need to understand


Ricki Randall Zunk
South Florida

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