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My name is Marty Meyers and I'm researching my maternal grandmother's
side of the family. I (and most of my family back to my grandparents)
lived in Massachusetts for most of our lives. I now live in Montclair, NJ
which is about 12 miles west of New York City.

My grandmother was Rose (Rachel) Bordowicz, >from Przasnysz near Warsaw.
Her father was Mendel Bordowicz, who married Chana Laia Zylberman in
Przasnysz in 1883 (I've ordered records >from the Polish State Archives to
see if I can get information on either of their parents. The marriage
shows up in the JRI-Poland search). They had four girls, Freide, Rachel,
Rivka and Dora, all of whom came to Massachusetts.

Freide came over on the Saxonia at age 16, arriving in Boston on Aug 2,
1910 (I have the ship manifest). Her father Mendel came over on the
Ivernia at age 42, arriving in Boston on Mar 16, 1906 (I have the ship
manifest). This may not have been his first time over as my mother says he
did this twice. In 1906, Mendel was travelling with three Zilberman from
Przasnysz, presumably cousins(?). These were Rivke (hard to read name for
sure), age 34; and her kids Lea, age 8; and Abram, age 5. The Zilberman
entries say they were going to meet D. Silberman (husband). All 4 of them
indicated they were going to Harrison Ave in Boston. Friede had also list
Harrison Ave as her intended destination in 1910.

Rivka married a Lasky, Frieda married a Barnett, Dora married a Labbit and
my grandmother Rose married Samuel Sidman and lived in the Boston area.

One pair of Rose Bordowicz's grandparents were, I believe, Sura Chaya
(maiden name?) and Yidel Leib Zilberman, but I have no other information
but this name. Her grandparents may have been first cousins as my mother
thinks Sura Chaya may have been a Zilberman as well.

Does this ring familiar to anyone out there? I'm just beginning to dig in
to this geneology and I'd be glad to share any information I collect.
I'd love to hear >from anyone who has run across any of these names or knows
more about life in Przasnysz in general (or detail).


Marty Meyers

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