Yefim (Chaim Gadiel) GOTLIBOVICH #general

haflo <haflo@...>

My grandfather's youngest brother, Yefim GOTLIBOVICH was born in Cherkassy,
Kiev on February 19, 1892, attended the secular gymnasium, high school, &
was a professional military man in the Soviet system. He died in Moscow in
1941, possibly during the German attack. I was told he had married, & had 2
daughters - both of whom are probably living under married names now in the
city of Moscow. (My guesstimate is that they would probably be in their
70's now.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to begin a search for these women, I'd
be very grateful.

Florence Elman

ELMAN researching: MACHERET - Zolotonosha, Ukraine; PRESSMAN - Dolginov,
Vilenskaya (Vileyka); SURIS/SURES - Odessa, Ukraine; WEISSBEIN/VAJSBEJN -
Odessa, Ukraine; NERENBERG - Socolec, Podolsk, Ukraine;
ZILBERBERG/SILBERBERG - Nova Ushitsa, Podolia, Ukraine;
H/Gorodishche, Ukraine; KATSOVITCH - Minsk & Vileyka

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