Re: Where is Czaiczelic? #general

Jacob D. Goldstein <jake@...>

At 11:21 AM 2/5/01 Daniel S. Katz wrote:
Is anyone familiar with the town of Czaiczelic? It's listed
in a 1920 passenger manifest as being in Poland, but everything
in that manifest that is in Ukraine and Russia is also listed
as being in Poland, perhaps because the US didn't recognize the
Russia government at that time?
Poland's borders have suffered dramatic changes during the 20th century.
After WWI, the Red army, busy fighting an internal civil war, was soundly
defeated by the Polish army. In the Peace of Riga (1921) the Soviet Union
recognized Polish sovereignity over much of Lithuania (including Vilna),
western Ruthenia and Wolhynia, and all of Galicia.

In September 1939, Stalin and Hitler divided Poland among themselves. The
Soviet Union recovered all the lost territories (and then some).

Sorry, I don't know about Czaiczelic in particular.


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