INS saga part II #general

A. E. Jordan

First thanks to everyone who wrote to me about the INS. I am trying to sort
through the mail and on top of everything it appears AOL mailed had a
problem last night. I did not see my own messages -- and hopefully I did
get everyone who was kind enough to write to me.

While I am sorting though all your advice on how to proceed -- or words of
encouragement -- I also took a flyer today and decided to call the phone
number the INS gave me on the letter. I had to leave a message and figured
that would be the last of it. Maybe an hour later a very nice woman >from
INS called me back and chatted with me for a good five minutes about my
problem and offering encouragement -- if not advice -- on what to do next.
She suggested sending them back the form they sent for the wrong person and
also refilling the request with any additional back up -- like copies of the
Census page, etc. Bad news is that I will have at least another three month
wait. She commented "We are doing good now -- it was taking a year."

Well I don't know if I will find my missing Goodman COHN but she did tell me
two other things. Before 1922 the wife was automatically naturalized with
the husband, so she will not have forms of her own AND I have a second
request in for another family member named Nicholas TOW and she told me
today that they have found the forms and I will be getting something in the
mail soon. So one good piece of news. Clearly the INS has a computer where
they are taking the requests and know everything that is going on with the
modern requests. A shame they wouldn't let us have some more access to the
historical records ourselves.

Well again thanks to everyone who wrote me. I have lots of interesting
reading ahead.

Allan Jordan

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