Re: U.S. Alien Registration Records #general


Dear Deborah,
My dad enter the US illegally in 1930. In 1936, he applied for a social
security card changing his birth date, place of birth and parents first
names. I had always been told that he had easily become a citizen in 1941
since my mother was American born. When I found his alien registration
card on microfilm at the NYPL I found that he did not start the process
until 1943 and did not recieve citizenship until 1948. I sent away not
only for a copy of his citizenship papers, but also for the declaration
of intent (unfortunatly it didn't give me the information I was looking
for). With his A.R. number I was wrote the INS, under the FOIA, requesting
a copy of his alien registration file. That request was sent to the
Justice Department >from whom I recieved a letter that the complete file
would be sent to me within 6 months. I'm still waiting (it's not yet
6 months). I understand >from a Jewishgen friend that those files contain
much useful genelogical information.
Carol Blumenthal Cohen

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