Tracing female family members #general

Jacqueline Davis <jackiedavis@...>

I recently found that a married sister of my grandmother did not leave
Kovno with the rest of the family. I have the family name and the name
of one her daughters who did go to the UK, but I am sure the daughter's
name was changed in the UK as were the rest of the family. Nothing is
known of this lady or what happened to that branch of that family.

Is there any way I can trace the missing sister?

Another of my grandmother's brother's went to the states - Birmingham,
Alabama. The name was YUDALOVITCH, changed to YEWDALL in the UK. I
have written to all the Yewdalls, and one Yudalovitch. I have had a
very kind person check the 1920 census for me (I have the soundex
numbers). He had family who would now be in their late seventies or
eighties. I seem to be at a dead end and am at a loss as to where to go
from here.
Any help anyone can give me would be very much appreciated. I would
hate to not be able to go any further.

Jackie Davis
Ottawa, Canada

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