rude replies and deleted unread e-mails #general

dov & varda epstein <yknow@...>

In response to both M. Bernet and Nancy, I believe that all of us are
intelligent enough to discern the difference between spam and personal mail
from the subject line. No matter how many e-mails one receives, it is
courteous to respond, whether you think the sender is sending you relevant
material or not. When the e-mail comes >from a novice at genealogy, it is
important to be encouraging, even though this doesn't add to one's personal
I myself am a novice at genealogy, and had the recent unpleasant
experience of receiving rude replies to my speculation on the meaning of a
name. Though I later found proof for my supposition, and feel vindicated
that what I hypothesized was not as this person claimed," Ignorant, silly,
twaddle," ( among other things ), I now hesitate before responding to
postings ( if you can't take the heat, get out of the water ). Nine out of
every ten e-mails I receive are irrelevant. Nevertheless, I believe it is
proper to respond politely to a well meaning person. If one wishes to be
active within discussion groups, one must observe proper etiquette, no
matter how time consuming this process can be. I once heard a rabbi say that
one can verify if someone is Jewish by whether or not he does Chessed, kind
deeds for which no recompense is expected. It behooves us to act in a
courteous manner.
I am currently homebound, and this discussion group is a major part of
my intellectual life for now. Please don't spoil it for those like myself.
Varda Epstein
SCHAFFER,SAKUTSKY,( Vilna Guberniya),
EPSTEIN ( Tilsit/Oest Prussia ),

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