Re: Soldier in the Czar's Army from Ukraine and Belarus #belarus

theentins <theentins@...>

In response to Linda Higgins post on January 20th (Belarus SIG), it is
almost impossible to find records of soldiers in the Czar's army unless they
were officers or in some special branch or cadre. The records that exist are
in the state (national) archives in either St. Petersburg or Moscow.

My 2nd great grandfather BERLYAVSKY >from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, was
supposedly a member of the Czar's honor guard (a doubtful position for a
jewish boy at that time).

My great grandfather ENTIN >from Minsk, Belarus, was supposedly a Russian
trained medical doctor in the army at about the same time (the 1870's).

I have not been able through professional genealogists to find any record of
either of them.

Jeffrey S. Entin
Fall River, Massachusetts

ENTIN, Minsk, Belarus; BERLYAVSKY, Pereyaslav and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine;
PERCIKOVICH (HORVITZ), Butrimonys, Lithuania; BUBELSKY, Prienai, Lithuania;
LEVIN, Vilnius, Lithuania; SCHILANSKY, Mariampole and Siauliai, Lithuania;
LIPSCHITZ, Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania; UCHEVITZ, Vilnius, Lithuania,
KABATCHNICK , Lithuania; FALK, Lithuania

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