Name Clarification #general


I would appreciate if someone might offer clarification of the names listed
below. The names are >from certificates I recently received >from the Polish
Do the portions of the names Abramovna Nestempov relate to the husband Moshek
or the spouse Shandosh? Would the ovna at the end of Abram mean that
Shandosh's grandfather was named Abraham Nestempov?

Cert #5
religious matrimony took place between the present here Nusen Leiba Kotciolek
, bachelor eighteen year old , born in village Katcic of Pultusk Diocese
region and living with parents Abram and Sheina Kotciolek and Sprintza
Nestempover, maiden twenty three year old, living in town Pultusk with
parents born to husband and wife, Moshek and Shandosh Abramovna Nestempov

On this certificate, would the name Germanovich mean that the Karashov's were
from Germany? In addition, what does Sheina-Eli born Abramovitch mean?
Cert #27
ceremony took place between bachelor Manas Zalman Karashov, worker twenty six
year old, inhabitant of Pultusk and born in this town, son of deceased Ioska
and Ruchla Germanovitch Karashov, and maiden Lipa Nestempover, twenty year
old, daughter of Moshek and Sheina-Eli born Abramovitch, husband and wife

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

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